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Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in 1982.  Started her arts career in a painting course in the Painting and Sculpture Museums Association between 2002 and 2006. Concomitantly continued various workshops relating to decorative painting, marbling, painting and photograph between 2000 and 2009.  She collected her works on the theme of Istanbul in two separate exhibitions, namely “Saint Sophia – Light of the Wisdom” and “Memory of the City”. Parallel to Istanbul 2010 Capital City of Culture activities, Ağar took part in a serial of traveling exhibitions under the heading of the  “Meeting Bridge”.


Holding various different arts prizes, a photographing work of the artist has been selected for final exhibition in 6th Arte Laguna Arts Contest 2012 (Italy).

She continues her works in ARTS-IN, co-founded by her.






January 2007: “Saint Sophia The Light of Wisdom” - Taksim Art Gallery - İstanbul

April 2007: “Saint Sophia The Light of Wisdom”  Oberhausen – Germany

April –May 2007: “Saint Sophia The Light of Wisdom”- Fabrik K14 – Oberhausen – Germany

December 2007:  2. Ege Art Days - AKM – İzmir

January 2008: “Memory Of The City” - Atatürk Culture Center Art Gallery - Istanbul

December 2009: “Meeting Bridge” - Fatih Mayoralty - Istanbul

January 2010: “Meeting Bridge” - Istanbul Naval Museum Art Gallery – Istanbul

February 2010: “Meeting Bridge” - Kartal Bülent Ecevit Culture Center –  Istanbul

May 2010 : “Meeting Bridge” - Sarıyer Municipality Culture Center – Istanbul

May 2010: “Meeting Bridge”- Sarıyer Street Feast – Istanbul

October 2010: “Meeting Bridge” - Ahmet Mithat Efendi Culture Center – Istanbul

December 2011:4. EgeArt Days – İZMİR

10-20.12.2012: Bakırköy Art House And Town Museum - Yeşilköy - İstanbul   

25-29.12.2013: Istanbul Naval Museum Art Gallery – Beşiktaş / İstanbul

R-593_0 2010 Kağıt Üzeri Yağlıboya 30x23 cm
R-646 2012 Mart t-u-kt-160x160
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