past exhibitions 5 

27 March - 10 April 2017



“Change our fate, eliminate the plagues, beginning with Time” by Arthur Rimbaud


Lighting the matchsticks was a game we were used to play in our adolescent ages…


Which of us was more burnt? Me? Or him?


Such dilemmas continue to exist at all times in the life… Humans are made of on one side an intelligent design and on the other side an emotional one…


And it is the “game” motive which precludes these motives from being an area of conflict…


Game hosts these two motives at the same time. We are directed towards life with our feelings, and towards mind with the forms of them…


We have the capability of shaping the sensibilities, pleasures and hopes to such extent to make everyone to recognize that we ourselves are humans…


However, we can create this shaping only if and to the extent we are related to the world we are living in…


Gülşen Kıbrıslı – October 2011

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İstanbul / Turkey

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