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06 - 20 March 2017
Through The Dust of The Past

Every artist is a mystery indeed, and this mystery could not ever be fully and clearly resolved by anyone so far.  But the mankind has succeeded at the utmost in finding a few clues about this mystery till date. 

The artistic attitude concentrates on personal narratives.  In this context, Pollock says, ‘’Painting is in fact a reflection of the mankind’s desire to discover himself.”  

Facts relating to metropolis, i.e. city, being one of the main themes of the life, are also one of the subjects frequently dealt with by contemporary art as well, and now, we are at a point where we should think about it.

The last series of Öznur Kepçe;                                                                                                                                                          The artist describes scenes around metropolises, chaos in main cities, multiplicity of buildings among these crowds, and the increasing trend thereof, as well as the swirls of cities, thereby revealing that the rapid urbanization assassinates the nature.  While this massacre continues on one hand, the chaos in metropolises gradually becomes more and more difficult to be solved. While the artist is looking for depth through different techniques and different materials used to enhance the dystopic complexity of the city silhouette, this new structuring creates a new mechanical life impression of superimpositions. On the contrary, an adventure of mechanization and hence of extinction is also expressed thereby.

"I think it’s a complete apocalypse indeed! It seems like there will not be any such spaces for us to live in the immediate foreseeable future. In these artworks, superimpositions provide a sense of transparency in one sense. I mean the problems of contributions of substrates to superstratums and vice versa… In fact, it strongly reveals the thesis that the issue called abstraction may be a result of different layers coming together one under or over another and even side by side thereby entering into interactions.

Here, once again, the issue put on the table is that the abstract is not the same thing with concrete. City silhouettes pave the way for very different creations very open to instant creativeness through superimpositions. In the first row you will face the concrete, then the less concrete and then the more abstract. Here, with superimpositions, it forms an image pollution.

I think it is still necessary to point out that all of the adverse impacts of population increase  on major cities are being addressed and evaluated herein.

The artist stands somewhere deeply in the painful reality she has achieved through the world created in her works and expects it to be attained."


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