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"Through The Dust Of The Past"
25.01 - 08.02.2017
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I participated in a photographing project in 2010. We photographed the old inns in the vicinity of Galata. 

Some are deserted, while a few handicraftsmen are still endeavoring to survive in some others.

Walls and rooms of and dusty properties in the inns are carrying the memory of old days…

As if all sounds of machinery, humans, sellers, customers, porters and shortly, of those old glittering and high-colored days are still suspended in these rooms and on these walls and properties… Who knows who lived and worked therein? This mysterious atmosphere is hosting a lot of sorrowful stories…

As we photographed in inadequate light, I have set up my Canon camera to AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing). Later, while combining the photo frames in HDR option in Photoshop, I have by mistake combined different shots, not the successive ones. But the result pleased me.

The mistake I made was better reflecting the spirit of inns.  Then, I started to take up this mistake, and knowingly continued the same mistake.

I am sure many other photographers have also so far experienced the same mistake like me.

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