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"The Coming Year"

L'anno che verrà. Visioni di arte futura

group show curated by Anna Mola

at Galleria Spazio Porpora

14-21 December 2016

Opening 14 December 6:30 pm

Press release

“L'anno che verrà” (The coming year) It is a group exhibition consisting of the artworks of 15 Italian and international authors. Nearly 40 works of painters and photographers, and three videos tell 15 interpretations of the new year that we expect and how they artistically face.

The title of the famous song by Lucio Dalla inspires the theme of this exhibition, which brings together very different genres and stylistic researches.

The coming year may be the hope of a more wild and less mortified by man: a nocturnal landscape, the bed of a river at dawn, herbs that grow naturally, breaking the urban stiffness or even butterflies escaping from a "wound" canvas. A nature admired through a window or explored in person, in search of his own limitations.

The coming year will become sometimes a dream: the dream of a face or a human figure ethereal and idealized, dreamy and peaceful, reflective but also able to be a little "magical" and "merge" with some objects. Even the skyline of a big city can become surreal, fairy-tale, if illuminated by a romantic moon.

But the coming year could also push us to a reasoning on current metropolis and the terrible living conditions of some inhabitants. Reasoning that all of us should do.

The coming year, finally, it can also mean an evolution in the way of approaching art and therefore result in the insertion of new elements in the artworks, never used before, while remaining consistent with their personal research. On the contrary, it may prove a progressive simplification, to the aesthetic minimalism. It's like putting a (red) point on a white wall and from there “starting a new line” and see what happens in the coming year.

Artworks by: Meral Agar, Giulia Bacchetta, Valeria Buzilan, Jean Claude Caluri, Iraceia De Oliveira, Bruna Ginammi, Jane Gottlieb, Rachy Kang, Ludovica Lanci, Angela Legrenzi, Gianni Mazzesi, Trayana Panayotova, Marco Randazzo, Morris Spagnol, Tobia Zambotti

Curatela: Anna Mola, independent critic and curator, teacher of the history of photography. She creates and collaborates on projects dedicated to contemporary art and photography. She has collaborated with the University of Milan and realized over 20 personal and collective exhibitions of photography, painting and sculpture, in Italy

Location: Galleria Spazio Porpora, gallery of 100 square meters, located just two metro stops from Milan Central Station. Directly situated on the road, the space is provided with three large windows. Within a few years it has organized a lot of solo and group exhibitions, courses and artistic awards, collaborating with other spaces for art.


Giorni e orari di apertura: 14-21 dicembre dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 15:30 alle 18:30 (sabato su appuntamento)

Inaugurazione: 14 dicembre ore 18:30

presso Galleria Spazio Porpora, via Porpora 16, 20131 Milano (a 100 mt. da Piazzale Loreto, metro MM1 e MM2, fermata “Loreto”)

Tel.: +39.02.36503901


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