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Türkan ELÇİ                                                                                                                  

1954 İzmir

After ceramics courses in Ünal Cimit Art Studio between 1994 and 1999, Elçi continued Painting Studio in RHMD (Association of Painting and Sculpture Museums) between 2001 and 2007. Having opened her first solo exhibition in 2007, she participated in various group exhibitions. Electing Istanbul as the main theme of her works, Elçi has taken part in a series of traveling exhibitions under the name of the “Meeting Bridge” parallel to the activities under Istanbul 2010 Capital City of Culture project. In addition, she participated in a group exhibition named “Where We Meet” in 2010 and in the International Mail Art Exhibition in Romania in 2011.

The artist continues her works in ARTS-IN in Istanbul, co-founded by her.


December 2007:2. EgeArt Days - AKM – İzmir

January 2009: Taksim Art Gallery - Istanbul

December 2009: “Meeting Bridge”Fatih Mayoralty - Istanbul

January 2010: “Meeting Bridge”-Istanbul Naval Museum Art Gallery – Istanbul

February 2010: “Meeting Bridge”- Kartal Bülent Ecevit Culture Center –  Istanbul

May 2010: “Meeting Bridge”-Sarıyer Municipality Culture Center – Istanbul

May 2010:“Meeting Bridge”- Sarıyer Street Feast – Istanbul

October 2010:“Meeting Bridge”- Ahmet Mithat Efendi Culture Center – Istanbul

December 2011: 4. EgeArt Days – İZMİR

December 2012: Bakirköy Art House And Town Museum – Yeşilköy / İstanbul

According to me, the reality is not made up only by the things I see around. It is composed of all other things and connections. Images belonging to the concrete world are being transferred to abstract realities in my paintings.


All visual effects i create with colors and materials are the way of expressing this concept.


In this painting, I tried to visualize the dream version of the real city where I live in, inhale, get upset and happy or enthusiastic.

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